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Unbeweavable Hair Care

Unbeweavable hair care products are exceptional for your natural hair and all hair extension hair types/methods.


Hair extensions don't produce their own oils as the hair is no longer connected to a hair follicle/scalp - meaning there is no blood supply to feed it, so its super important to put those essential oils and fatty acids back into the hair whilst your wearing them - so imagine how amazing they are for your natural hair to!


 Extensions are coloured and treated in a certain way to last as long as possible, meaning if you don't use the correct products on them - you will strip all the conditioning treatments and colour out which in return will leave the hair dry, knotty, discoloured and it will start to split and shed the hair a lot quicker, and its so important to look after your natural hair to whilst wearing extensions, so unbeweavable hair care is designed to do both of these things.

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