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Hair Extension Specialist

Hey! welcome to Unbeweavable Hair! renowned as the home of natural-looking hair extensions alongside colour specialists! Unbeweavable Hair is recognised by hair magazines, press, influencers/bloggers and is one of Essex's leading hair extension salons.

Unbeweavable Hair only uses the finest Russian Mongolian hair, We have built our reputation on using this flawless hair and our clients know that they are investing in hair that will last for many refits. 


Unbeweavable Hair is recognised by hair magazines, press, influencers/bloggers and

is one of Essex's leading hair extension salons.

We are based in a beautiful home studio in Ipswich, which has lots of free parking and is totally exclusive, personal and private! We work by appointments only to ensure we are giving our absolute attention to one client at a time. Our aim is to not only give you the most amazing hair - but to also make sure you feel totally relaxed, comfortable and happy in the process!  

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Unbeweavable Hair is made up of highly qualified hairdressers who have a minimum of 8 years experience working in the hairdressing industry. We believe hair extensions should not just be fitted by extension technicians, but rather by people who have a hairdressing background who specialise in extensions, this is so important because we understand just how important good hair care is, and we have developed skills in all areas of hairdressing.



Here at Unbeweavable Hair we only offer the finest quality hair for our clients - Russian Mongolian double drawn hair and Exclusive hand-picked Indian Temple double drawn hair. When it comes to hair extensions you really do get what you pay for, both hair types we offer last on average between 9-12 months which means it can be re-used every couple of months on maintenance appointments which significantly lowers the cost of applications as you do not need to keep paying for a brand new set of hair each time.

Unbeweavable hair care products are exceptional for your natural hair and all hair extension hair types/methods.


Hair extensions don't produce their own oils as the hair is no longer connected to a hair follicle/scalp - meaning there is no blood supply to feed it, so its super important to put those essential oils and fatty acids back into the hair whilst your wearing them - so imagine how amazing they are for your natural hair to!


 Extensions are coloured and treated in a certain way to last as long as possible, meaning if you don't use the correct products on them - you will strip all the conditioning treatments and colour out which in return will leave the hair dry, knotty, discoloured and it will start to split and shed the hair a lot quicker, and its so important to look after your natural hair to whilst wearing extensions, so unbeweavable hair care is designed to do both of these things.


For enquiries/bookings: This is done via email, please fill out the contact me form with any questions you have/what your wanting to achieve, Once we have discussed roughly what method/thickness/length is best for you - we can then send you over dates we have free that works around your schedule to book you in.


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