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Lets Talk About Things We Don't Talk About!

I feel like a blog is such an amazing way to talk about taboo subjects, to talk about things we don't talk about, to raise awareness, to join together and share stories and connect with others who may be suffering with conditions or problems in the same way. My biggest passion is hair and how it makes people feel! I love that I can transform somebody in an hour - 2 hours and I see their confidence go from rock bottom to sky high. I THRIVE off helping others and inspiring others, but as a hairdresser I also see the other side, I see the shattered confidence, I see the tears, I see the conditions people don't speak about, I see clients trying to hide how they feel or cover things up, hair isn't just ' hair '. It is mental health, it is confidence, it is a comfort blanket, it is your personality, and an appointment with my client isn't just - hair. Its connecting with that person, learning about them, their life, their experiences, conditions, relationships, happy memories, sad memories, the list goes on! 

Since doing hair I have learned about different skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Dandruff, and I have learn about Alopecia, Hair thinning, Hair loss, CF ( cystic fibrosis ) IBS, Chrones, Endometriosis, the list goes on! some things I have been educated on I didn't even know about before speaking with a client - which to me, goes to show there needs to be so much more awareness, there needs to be more 'real' posts on social media, there needs to be more support, and we need to make all these conditions/illnesses/problems more normalised, and stop letting people feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, alienated, distant. I really hope this blog helps people, I hope it makes others realise they aren't alone, I hope it brings more awareness and support!

Chantelle / Owner of Unbeweavable Hair

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